Beatles and Kiddiwinkles

Newcastle station to my hotel

– you’ve caught me there, just listening to something. I’ll turn it down.
– don’t worry
– there now. Are you up here for just the night?
– that’s right, going onto Manchester tomorrow
– very good. Mind, up here all the kiddiwinkles is on half term, so town’s full of them. It’s all the mammies and the grandmammies going ‘out of the house with youse’

We pass the Carling Acadamy Newcastle

– see that James Morrison, is he the one in the charts?
– yes that’s him. he’s playing tonight
– Tuesday, aye tonight. What’s his? Beautiful….something is beautiful?
– that’s the other one. James Blunt
– oh, what’s James Morrison then, I’ve heard of him, like. There’s not many I’ve heard of these days. I’ve seen The Beatles there you know.
– really, when was that?
– eeee, I’m going to show my age now. When I were a nipper it was a dancehall, they called it The Majestic. They all played there Beatle, Stones, you know. Then they closed it down and they turned it into a bingo hall. Now it’s a dancehall again, the Carling whatnot.


3 responses to “Beatles and Kiddiwinkles

  1. Good to see someone else intrigued by cab drivers.

  2. Thanks for saying hello. I’ll add your blog to my links.

  3. Cabbies…a never ending source of stories!

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