The worst type of cab-driver conversation

In Manchester from Irlam to my hotel

Among the worst things that can happen to me during a cab conversation is when a driver starts spouting bigoted, racist or intolerant views. It’s not in my nature to argue or put them straight, but I hate feeling complicit. I usually try to subtly show disproval whilst deftly steering the conversation into safer territory. I didn’t have much luck with this one:

– so you come from London do you? Do you live right in the centre like?
– yes, South of the river, but pretty central
– how do you find it living with all those foreigners? Last time I was in London I couldn’t believe it when I was the only English-speaking white face on the tube
– errr, I quite like that it’s so multicultural
– do you? I wouldn’t, dunno if I would feel safe. Full of arabs it was…

He goes on, I won’t dignify it by typing up the rest. In the end I gave up, opened my book and pointedly ignored him for the rest of the journey.


3 responses to “The worst type of cab-driver conversation

  1. I discovered your blog at Paradise Driver. Wil’s on top of things.

    As a cab driver, I’ve always made a study of my customers, but never considered they may be studying me, as well. I’ve had a number of racist customers, but I hadn’t considered some drivers are, too. I had a white customer who thought Al Sharpton should be killed. Sharpton is a famous black leader here in America (don’t know if he’s known outside the US).

    Fascinating blog. I’ll ad you to my links shortly.


  2. Hi Ted

    We’re watching you watching us! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’ve had a quick look at your blog too – I’ll get you added.


  3. kinda funny since he is a taxi driver. shouldn’t he be used to meeting all sorts of people?

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