Wife for protection?

Tuesday night in Sheffield

I’m finishing work late at a venue in Sheffield and my driver, Eric comes up to help me with my bags. He also introduces me to his wife who has come along for the ride. This is a first for me.

I get in the car and Eric goes back into the venue waiting until the hostess has locked up and seeing her to the car. I realise, that this is a regular job for Eric.

– Eric: we have to watch them off you see if nobody’s there, it’s a student area and there’s been 3 or 4 rapes.
– Me: oh gosh
– Eric: yes, there’s a path there and it’s very, very…
– MrsEric: students are warned not to walk..
– Eric: yes and they still walk down there at night
– MrsEric: there’s a church yard down there and they walk through there as well

They chat amongst themselves for a while

– Eric: they say it’s going to be a lovely weekend but there’s a long way to go from tonight, 6 degrees
– Me: it was nice yesterday though
– Eric: it was wasn’t it. They’re saying don’t go abroad stay in England, and that’s the Daily Express as well. Not the Sun or The Mirror or aything like that. It’s going to be 66 degrees they say. London’s going to be the warmest. I suppose that’s where you live.
– Me: yes, how nice!

Another pause

– Eric: where are you tomorrow?
– Me: In Sheffield, but working somewhere else
– Eric: Quite a nice studio that isn’tit?
– Me: Yes, why do you know others here?
– Eric: There’s one on Salter Lane, we take people there

I’m amused by this, the studio was ok, nothing special. I wonder what Eric is comparing it to or whether he’s just heard other researchers say it’s nice or what his point of comparison is. In the meantime Eic and his wife are discussing directions, then Eric starts pointing out hotels to me.

– Me: do you always come out with your husband?
– MrsEric: sometimes
– Eric: sometimes. Tonight we’d been out and the chappie that was meant to be doing it rang me and asked if I could see Jackie off. So we was out already you see…
– MrsEric: he drags me all over
– Eric: sometimes you come to the airport with me, don’t you
– MrsEric: we don’t charge anymore!

– Eric: it’s a nice olde worlde hotel this one. It used to be the Old Vic and owned by the railway station. It’s been a hotel for many, many years. As long as I can remember.

They start discussing something in the sky and prick my curiosity…

– Me: what is it?
– Eric: that light in the sky. There’s something going off at the Don Valley stadium, probably a concert or something like that.

We reach my hotel and settle up. Eric borrows change off his wife…

– Eric: I don’t carry much with me now you see because one of the lads the other day got mugged on The Snake
– Me: on the what?
– Eric: on The Snake
– MrsEric: the winding road to the airport
– Me: Oh, I see. yikes!
– Eric: yes, it’s a dangerous job this one
– MrsEric: yes, that’s why I’m here!


2 responses to “Wife for protection?

  1. WOW!

    You’ve been quiet for a long time.

    Hope everything is okay.

  2. I’m fine, thank you (it’s lovely to be enquired about). I just haven’t been chatting with cab drivers much recently.

    I have someone else’s story to write up though.

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