A couple of cab related things

Still not having many cab driver conversations at the moment – too much travelling with companions so chatting to them instead. Here’s a couple of cab-related things to keep the posts going here.

The mischievious Charles Frith pointed out this YouTube short film – a lovely little love story masterminded by a cab driver.

And then’s Alf Townsend’s new book London Cabbie: A Life’s Knowledge. After 40 years in the business Alf has pleanty of stories to tell!


2 responses to “A couple of cab related things

  1. paradisedriver

    Unless the girls was on acid, that video was a bit over my head.

  2. I really liked that added it to my(other) site http://atestysite.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx I’d like to have you in my cab you seem lovely

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